I don"t know of a way to vì it completely on the graphical user interface, but this isn"t too bad:

Then, xuất hiện a Terminal & type

extract_chmLib your_file.chm .(Mind the full stop at the end, itrepresents the current directory) This will đầu ra a HTML file fromthe chm file.

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You can now open up the HTML filewith Firefox & select Print,which will allow you to lớn print it toa file, outputting a PDF. Go to"Options" to get rid the marginnotes that firefox will put into theoutput.




Calibre which can be installed from the software center has a .chm conversion đầu vào plugin, it also has a .pdf conversion output plugin so in theory it is supposed khổng lồ be able to do what you want, may not be perfect though.

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Another GUI option, though painstaking, is to install the nice .chm viewer called chmsee, this can be installed from software center as well, you then open the file with chmsee and you can copy và paste to lớn OpenOffice.org Writer then save to lớn .doc or export lớn .pdf

For me I just use the command line tool chm2pdf which gives fairly good results, this method uses htmldoc as a helper application.



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