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House Designer: Fix & Flip
Karate Goose Studio
Unlimited Money
Android 4.4

Download House Designer: Fix & Flip MOD app android (Unlimited Money) provided by, you have a lot of money khổng lồ buy furniture for your house.

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Introduce about House Designer: Fix & FlipMOD app android version of House Designer: Fix và Flip

Introduce about House Designer: Fix & Flip

If you are tired of shooting games or racing games, relax by cleaning and designing an apartment with House Designer: Fix & Flip, the latest simulation game by Karate Goose Studio. This is one of the most popular trang chủ design games on Google Play with over 10 million downloads and over 300,000 positive reviews.


You have just moved into an apartment on the outskirts of town. It seems that it has been abandoned for quite some time, the previous owner is also not interested in renovating it. Right at the start of the game, you were faced with an old, dusty house. Roll up the sleeves and start renovating it!


How to renovate và repair a house? This is the question that you need lớn find answers throughout the game. No architect or designer, you have to clean và redesign your apartment yourself. Make an old & shabby apartment become a dream apartment.

The difference between House Designer: Fix & Flip và previous simulation games is that the trò chơi chooses the first perspective. Instead of taking a panoramic view of the house, using single touches khổng lồ drag & drop objects, you will play as an apartment owner, move and do everything by yourself. This makes you feel like you’re cleaning a real-life home.

If you like decorating a house, trang chủ Design Makeover MOD app android is also a good choice!

How to play

House Designer: Fix & Flip has a console like a first-person role-playing game. You control the character moves through the virtual joystick on the left. The right side includes a number of keys such as cleaning, Use, jump (help you jump over some messy objects).

Start with the living room, where there’s lots of trash, plastic bottles, newspapers & magazines on the floor. Select the hand icon, look at the trash you want lớn remove và select Use.

The Broom icon has the same effect, except that it applies to lớn stains on floors and walls.


With the Trimmer, you can clean the grass in the garden. This is a bit time consuming, but it is also quite relaxing.

If you want khổng lồ repaint your house, choose a paintbrush & choose the màu sắc you want. The house does not automatically change color, but you need to paint yourself.

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Use button is used in most activities. It can be used when opening doors, cleaning, rearranging objects và placing new furniture.

If you’re not sure how to control and use each tool in your home, touch the Help button in the corner of the screen. House Designer has left a detailed guide for you there.

Besides, the trò chơi also has a feature available for “lazy” players. In the Realty Help section, you can buy some packages that automatically clean up all the junk in the room. If you want lớn clean your entire apartment premises, you need to pay more.

Unlock new furniture

Use the money you earn lớn unlock luxurious furnishings for your home. Do you lượt thích a big red sofa or a beautiful Persian rug? Visit the House Designer’s shop (Ipad icon), a furniture ngân hàng appears for you to lớn choose.

You wonder, how lớn make money? Also in the iPad, you can receive jobs from the mail. Completing it, you will receive a bonus, usually several hundred dollars lớn several thousand. Or you can choose a simpler way, which is khổng lồ use House Designer: Fix & Flip MOD android version of

Unlock new houses

House Designer: Fix & Flip gives you lots of different houses lớn unlock. Vì chưng you want a villa with a garden pool? Absolute possible. Of course, the bigger the house, the more effort you need to lớn clean. But I believe that the end result is worth it. Don’t forget to share photos of your completed trang chủ on social networks!



With a trò chơi that emphasizes practicality like House Designer: Fix và Flip, 3 chiều graphics with 1080 resolution will make you feel satisfied. The objects in the trò chơi are designed in detail. Even outdoors, you can see a large neighborhood with lots of people walking around. Only thing, you are not allowed to lớn leave the premises of the apartment.

MOD android version of House Designer: Fix và Flip

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money, enough for you khổng lồ pay for everything you want in the game. Not see your money? Buy an cống phẩm then your money will increase.


Download House Designer: Fix & Flip APK & MOD for Android

House Designer: Fix & Flip is really an interesting and relaxing game, even for a lazy person in housework like me. The game is lượt thích a visual tool, helping you learn how khổng lồ decorate & organize your home. Start completing your trang chủ today by downloading the game via the link below.