Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital và second largest city, is a major cultural center for the country và features a wonderful mix of old và new architecture including ample French colonial buildings that give the đô thị the nickname “Paris of the East”. For a change of pace after visiting this appealing city, head south to lớn the coastal thành phố of Dong Hoi. Much smaller than Hanoi, this, the capital of the quang đãng Binh Province, boasts beautiful trắng sand beaches and a surprisingly un-touristy ambiance, plus it’s the closest town to the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. If you’re looking into places khổng lồ visit after the big city, a trip khổng lồ Dong Hoi comes highly recommended.

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While Hanoi to Dong Hoi is a popular route, these two cities are a great distance apart so getting from one to lớn the other will take time. By road, the shortest route is just over 500 kilometers (about 315 miles) so if you were driving yourself, route maps indicate that it would take around 9 hours lớn get from Hanoi to Dong Hoi. Driving yourself does have some advantages, but, you’ll be passing by plenty of beautiful scenery along the way so we’d recommend taking a bus or a train so that you can actually sit back and enjoy the scenery while relaxing và letting someone else bởi vì the hard work! Another option for getting from Hanoi to lớn Dong Hoi is to fly. Flights from Hanoi get you khổng lồ Dong Hoi in record time, so if you’re keen khổng lồ start relaxing on the beach, a flight would be a great idea.


Let’s start with the fastest way to lớn get from Hanoi khổng lồ Dong Hoi, by air. When covering such a large distance, catching a flight from Hanoi to Dong Hoi does make sense. Actual flying time is only around an hour, so even when adding in the time it takes lớn get to và from the airport at either end & do all the necessary waiting in line at the airport, you’re still going to lớn arrive in Dong Hoi much faster than you would if traveling by bus or by train.

Dong Hoi Airport is just 6 kilometers (4 miles) north of the city, so it’s close-by và easy lớn get into the đô thị from there. There are two airlines flying the route from Hanoi to lớn Dong Hoi: Vietnam Airlines, & VietJet Air. You can almost guarantee that a seat with Vietnam Airlines will cost a lot more than with VietJet Air, usually more than 3 times extra, và when you’re only talking about a one hour flight, paying the extra doesn’t get you much more in terms of comfort or amenities, so definitely try to fly khổng lồ Dong Hoi with VietJet Air, if possible.

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When looking at the best ways lớn travel from Hanoi lớn Dong Hoi, buses và trains take roughly the same amount of time, so you won’t necessarily save yourself any time by choosing one over the other. You can compare the costs though – going by bus from Hanoi to Dong Hoi is by far the cheapest way to lớn get from one thành phố to the other. The only ticket that comes close khổng lồ the price of a bus, is a second-class seat on the train. Buying a 2nd class train seat is definitely something we would not recommend though, unless you enjoy being incredibly uncomfortable!

The buses used by Hoang Long are VIP buses with sleeper seats, plus there are toilets, TVs & stewards onboard so they’re of a good quality. Seeing as sleeper seats are provided, taking the overnight bus is often preferred because you can get some sleep and, traveling overnight does not eat into your daytime hours so you’ll get to lớn Dong Hoi the next morning, ready to start your day.


The advantage with traveling by train from Hanoi to lớn Dong Hoi is that there are many different options to choose from. There’s a good variety of seats & cabins available, & many trains depart throughout the day & evening. There are also two different starting points from Hanoi: the main Hanoi Railway Station, & Giap Bat Railway Station. Trains khổng lồ Dong Hoi from Giap Bat tend to lớn take a little longer – roughly an hour to an hour and a half longer from this station, however, ticket prices are usually quite a bit less than on trains from Hanoi Railway Station, so bear this in mind if traveling on a budget.

Bear in mind that there are 2nd class sleeper cabins & 1st class sleeper cabins available too, so if you’re traveling overnight, these are highly recommended so that you have a chance of sleeping. You can book direct with Vietnam Railways for cheaper cabins, or for a little more luxury go with one of the private carriages operated by Violette Express Trains. And, unless you’re restricted khổng lồ a certain train because of your schedule, be sure to kiểm tra prices across all the different trains, as ticket prices can vary quite substantially giving you the chance to potentially save a lot of money by choosing one train over the next.