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The Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner is one of the best-selling drugstore skincare products sold in Japan, as it has been ranked at the đứng top of the sales chart in japan for several years. Because of its simple và effective ingredients, there are many different people who adore this product, and it’s even used by many celebrities in Japan. Read more to lớn see why this hàng hóa is so popular in Japan!




I remember that during my middle school and high school years in Japan, it’s no surprise that everyone knows about this product. I would see this product all over the place, at stores, on tv & even my friends bringing it khổng lồ school. It was & still is one of the most loved products in japan mainly for how affordable it was for its effectiveness and quantity.

I used this a lot in my late middle school years and high school when I struggled with clearing up fungal acne and pimples. I loved this hàng hóa so much because it cleared my skin troubles, và it was affordable as well. Although I haven’t used this product since then, I am excited to giới thiệu with you guys how I felt about this sản phẩm as an adult!



About Naturie

Naturie is a Japanese skincare brand that makes skincare products based on a particular ingredient,



">coix seed extract , an oil-free moisturizing agent. All of their skincare has no scent and consists of very simple ingredients, making it easier for all kinds of people with different skin types to lớn use their products.