Download House Designer Mod apk – latest version – miễn phí for Android & build the house of your dreams in this game! Can you turn these houses into masterpieces?

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House Designer is a simulation game that lets you design và build the house of your dreams. The trò chơi was developed by Karate Goose Studio and has reached over 10 million downloads! The trò chơi starts off with showing you a house filled with trash và uncleanliness. Then, you can sell off whatever items you don’t need in the house. This will ensure that you have a budget so you can start renovating! Afterwards, it’s all uphill from here. Read on below to learn more!

What is House Designer?

Our house is the most important and sacred place for most of us. This is where we spend the majority of our lives with our loved ones. Therefore, it’s important that we maintain its cleanliness & integrity. But a house doesn’t need lớn have complex décor or the latest technologies. It doesn’t even need to lớn have all the latest amenities. It just needs to be clean, minimal và perfect for the family. So, how can you achieve this?


House Designer is a simulation trò chơi that lets you design and build your dream house. This trò chơi is so popular that it has already reached more than 5 million downloads in Google Play Store. But what makes this game so popular? Is house designing that cool? Isn’t it just a tedious task? So why vì millions of people play this game? The answer can be found if you love interior designing.

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House Designer is a simulation game that allows you to vị all sorts of renovations in a house. Everything you bởi vì in the house will have an impact on the overall beauty of it. You can buy damaged houses so you can repair and renovate them all on your own. Or you can also bởi vì renovation work for other people for a fee! This is how you’ll collect money to lớn use for your own house.


Overall, you’ll be able lớn encounter different houses and interiors in this game. There are tons of furniture & elements that you can purchase khổng lồ make any house astonishing! Can you turn the houses into livable homes again? Read on to know more!

Features of House Designer: Fix và Flip

House Designer is a simulation game that allows you to lớn design & renovate houses. There are plenty of designs you can make that will allow you to lớn be truly satisfied with the houses. Here are the game’s features:

Buy, Fix và Flip – As mentioned, you can buy damaged houses in this game. Then, you can repair them và do upgrades. This is just lượt thích in real life. After buying a house that you like, you will need to first clean things. Cleaning in House Designer means that you will take out the trash và literally clean the house. You will have a broom, that you can use to bởi this. Then, you can also sell the things inside the house that are no longer needed. This will allow you to lớn clean và earn money at the same time! You need to vì chưng this in the whole house so it might take a while. Then after you finish cleaning the entire house, it’s time to upgrade it. You can change the wallpapers, floor, furniture và fixtures. You need to lớn buy these at the shop though. But when you finish turning the house into a masterpiece, you can sell it for some insane profits!


Renovate work – Buying the things you need for your new house requires money. But you may make use of your design and repairing skills lớn make you money! In House Designer, you can perform different tasks so you can receive money. This money is what you’ll use khổng lồ buy all the things you need for your house flipping work. There are plenty of work for you to vì in this game & in different locations. It can be at the bar, oto service, basement, or other people’s houses. They all fetch a reward depending on the difficulty of the task. You’ll see your progress at the top left screen so you know what else you need to lớn accomplish.

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High-quality graphics – Since this is a simulation game, the 3d graphics are enough reason to download this game. The trò chơi allows you to play in first-person mode so you will really see what its like to renovate the houses. You can use brooms khổng lồ clean & you’ll see how the cleaning process looks like in real time. Then, you can move the furniture in real time as well, you will see how they will look like in certain locations. Overall, the house designs & all the elements in it are well-designed. It’s your job to turn the houses into beautiful ones and the gam allows you lớn have full control.


Easy controls – Since this is a simulation game, you’ll have more control in the way you kiến thiết the house. In terms of cleaning, you can just select the broom và tap use. You can move around the house using the virtual pad on the left-hand side of the screen. & you can vì anything you lượt thích on the house!

Unique game play – There’s not a lot of games out there that features interior designing. House Designer is a chất lượng game in that it allows you to lớn fully thiết kế a house & turn it into a masterpiece. You will have full control in this trò chơi so you don’t have to lớn worry about anything.


Plenty of furniture – In terms of design, there are plenty of furniture, wallpapers, & fixtures you can buy in this game. It’s up khổng lồ you how you will make these elements come together and create a house that you’ll be proud of.

House Designer Mod apk – Unlimited money

House Designer is an awesome simulation trò chơi that allows you khổng lồ buy, fix and upgrade houses. Download the unlimited money mod now khổng lồ instantly buy all the things you need!